hush my heart, Lord,
let me hear You speak;
may i
hustle not along this life,
and miss out the Giver of all life.

humble me before you, Lord,
let my thoughts be all of You,
lift my eyes of all
hubris, help me to see, how
on that cross Your thoughts were
all of me.

human; full of weakness, but
perfected in Your strength; for every
hurdle i have to cross, i will
remember Your cross –
Your victory in weakness, my
strength for every loss.


shipwrecked souls
in the deep, deep sea of love
waiting for the tide to wash us up
on shores that will embrace us with
warm sand –
into the fine grains we will sink
but fine grains
we hope we will not be –
the geography of our skin,
dry like a desert of of its own –
amidst the vast dunes,
a treasure beneath to behold.

it was only after pulling away my
dark curtains of disappointment,
that i saw tomorrow –
peeking from beyond the clouds
and hope –
rising against the setting sun.