circumscribed with love

little lessons from Ecclesiastes 3, on boundaries for different seasons of life; Psalm 104, on the wisdom and greatness of the LORD who is in control of all seasons; and Proverbs 8 on not just the blessings of wisdom, but also the blessings and wisdom in His boundaries 😊👍🏻
with a finger You traced out
unseen shorelines
for the sea so great, so wide;
for the people who splash along
the coasts;
boundaries, for those
You love the most.

with wisdom You outlined my
feeble frame –
for me, not so great,
for me, not so wise;
boundaries, from foreknowing what
only Time should say;
boundaries, from having my own
wilful way.

with turbulent tides and raging storms,
the waters move at Your command,
but the waves of faith know to recede,
when beyond the boundaries You have drawn;

and with the ebb and flow of life,
I move at Your command – I know Your
boundaries are circumscribed with love,
with reason and reason beyond.

so help me to obey, to trust and obey,
these boundaries You have in protection set;
beyond all reason and all reason beyond,
lines where love and wisdom have met.

He remembers ◡̈

Tuesday, 20 June 2017
The Kingdom of Cambodia

​​ysanne, beatrice and jereme prayed for a rainbow on the tuktuk but God gave three! 😊a promise to the Hebrew patriarch,
a tinted reminder unto me:
beyond the arcs across the sky,
Eternal Love, He lovest me 💖

seven-hued reminders that He remembers🌈:​​”I have set My rainbow in the clouds… whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember My covenant between Me and you and all living creatures of every kind.” Genesis 9:13-15

lights of the world

Saturday, 17 June 2017
The Kingdom of Cambodia

📷: Jereme 
BASIC Camp Day 2 – Candlelight Reflection under the Stars

Little lights we are, we hold in our hands,
Under greater lights we ponder, 
We stand and understand;
Great lights and little lights, lovest all Thee,
Our God who is light: we all shine for Thee 🌟


of the things I cannot see, 
not one escapes Your eye;

of the things I think I see,
You see a farther sight;

so for the things I need to see, 
open wide my eye;

and for the things so difficult to see,
I hold them up in Your great light ✨


tonight, God’s comfort for the nervous wreck of myself came in the form of this poem, which He had graciously allowed me to complete. based on John 6:67-69 and John 21:15-17 (and a stroke of inspiration midway during a hymn we sung this morning ◡̈)


You asked me, O Lord, “Lovest thou Me?”
but ’tis Thou who loves, O Lord;
Thou lovest me ❤️
And if You ask, “Will ye also go away?”
Lord, to whom shall I go?
Thou hast the words of eternal life;
Leave Thee and I have nothing,
Follow Thee, and I gain everything 🌎
For I believe, I am sure that Thou art that Christ,
that Thou art the Son of the living God;
Thou knowest the way for me,
Thou hast the way for me,
Thou art the way for me 😊🌟


what we think to be just water,
He can turn to wine,
what we think to be lost surely
He can find,
what we think to be broken
only He can mend,
what we think to be few multiplies
in His hand.

in His hand,
all hungry crowds find their fill,
with His hand,
He waters the withering daffodil,
by His hand,
all planets orbit around His will,
at His hand,
the urgent tide of time stands still.

stand still,
you notice this same God watches over you,
stand still, though you want to hide all flaws from His view;
stand still,
He sees you through and through,
stand still,
He chooses to love you still.

seen yet loved still,
all I’d thought I’d never be; now
all I see and all I love –
Jesus You are all to me.

the rest in my restlessness 🌪


O crashing waves crash
down on me,
that I may hear Him hush you now;

“O blessed hurricane” throw my 
feet off the ground, 
that at my Lord’s feet I may be found;

O rushing currents lead me, 
amidst the urgency of this life,
lead me to the Rock that is 
higher than i.


//words inspired by Psalm 107:29, Spurgeon, and Psalm 61:2

the waiting woman

when we pray, God doesn’t always answer immediately. but God’s momentary silence doesn’t mean absence, much less nonchalance. the moments of silence are moments of surrender, and the moments of surrender are moments of growing strength. in writing this, i do not claim to know how to wait on the Lord. i am still learning how to be a woman in the silence, a woman of surrender, a woman of strength, and a woman set apart for my great high King. this is a poem i will probably rewrite over and over throughout life. but as i learn and as i wait, God grant that i shall always be beside still waters 🙂
(p.s. read more about the jewish wedding traditions here!)


the waiting woman is a
praying woman,
she fights all longing on her knees.
she climbs up to her watchtower
and patiently awaits,
her Groom’s grand return; His
hand she shall take.
for He has left to prepare their
new abode, far better than her
humble home, far better than her
heart can hope.
which day He shall come, which hour
He shall return,
the exact timing she does not know,
but she knows that He will:
her fingers curl as she clings to His
promise, made with His life;
He had redeemed her with so
great a price…
a spotless, matchless sacrifice.
His perfect love, proven on a cross,
she can wait for Him with a heart

so in the moments of waiting, when
the Lord seems silent,
we wait while not wanting,
knowing He is working.
every moment of silence, a new
moment of surrender,
and every silent surrender, a renewed
song of strength,
to keep ourselves for Him and to prepare
ourselves to meet Him –
when His face we finally see,
oh glorious, glorious sight it
shall be,
all lights shall dim, all silence
shall shatter with shouts
of joy,
Lo, this is our God;
we have waited for Him.”




come july,
our summer slow-waltzes into an
elegant dance of autumn leaves;
why the rustles, we don’t know
yet every moment, off our feet,
we are swept away and away 
we go.

come july,
our fields with unfamiliar orange tints
in sight;
goodbye to the safe hues of
farewell to the comforting dew of
spring –

for come july,
there is coming change;

ourselves to lose,
ourselves to find.