who’s juds?


Why hello there, stranger! ◡̈

My name’s Judith and, being the feminine name of Judah, it means “Praised of God”! It’s also the name of a brave female warrior hahaha but I’m not the bravest person there is, although I try my best to be brave in some ways.

So! You can call me jud for short. Add in the alphabet s at the back if you like, as most of my friends do. I have no idea why either but… it works so yup, juds.

There, we’re friends now! 🤗

You must’ve been curious enough to get to this page but in all honesty – sorry to disappoint – I’m really just a very ordinary girl… except that I’m loved by an extraordinary God 💖

Yeap, I’m a Christian and I pray that you may seek God too! He has changed my life, and He still is changing it day by day. Click /here/ for my answer to “Why Jesus?”, or /here/ to find out more about an insanely great love that I didn’t even realise was mine!

I also wrote /this/ hoping that my grandfather would come to know Christ (I’m so glad he has!) and I hope the same for you too! Feel free to leave comments if you have questions about the God who has revealed Himself to me – I believe He will to you very soon too!

And if you’re wondering where I may be found: wherever there are sunflowers, whenever the sun’s out, and probably camping next to the dessert table if you’re at a party. And on days when I don’t want to be found: probably snuggling up in my bed with a book and a nice cup of coffee, or twiddling my thumbs away on my phone writing something.

Pretty much!

If you need more clues about my identity, scroll through my little space and see what you can find. This space, that I’ve prayed for a long time about making public, is really my moonshot at being brave enough to share God’s work in my life with the world. I’ve always been afraid of sharing the gospel for fear of rejection by my friends, so hopefully by sharing behind a computer screen, I will eventually muster enough courage to share in person!

As God uses this space to transform me, it would be a privilege if He uses this little space to do something beautiful in your life at the same time too! As of 1 July 2017, juudeeif.wordpress.com has had 4,400 reads so thank you for journeying with me ☺️

See you around here! 😊

P.S. Do drop a comment or two with your name if you like, so that I don’t have to address you as “stranger” (pretty rude, huh). I promise to be friendly and that I don’t bite!

2 thoughts on “who’s juds?

  1. Hi Jude, pleased to meet you and thanks for sharing a little about yourself. Love the evangelistic overtones. I especially like your statement about God’s insane love! 😃


    1. Hello Carol! Thank you for the encouragement 🙂 really thankful for fellow Christians like yourself out there who are so ready to encourage and share! keep writing, keep inspiring, and keep sharing His love with the world; see you around on wordpress! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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