beau Amour

[french]:/ beautiful Love

Sunday, 6 August 2017
Lille, France

beaming in bed, thinking about how many wonderful things sprouted from a little conversation at Palais des Beaux-Art this afternoon, when the first of many paintings of the crucifixion flashed before our eyes.

“who are these two people standing beneath the cross?”

my gaze shifts from the crown of thorns, to find two other mini pairs of eyes that had their gazes fixed on the same cross too.

“oh, I think it’s Jesus’ mother, Mary, and his disciple, John. Jesus entrusted Mary into John’s care just before He breathed His final breath.”

*shudders* “pretty sick.”

“what is?”

“that people would want to crucify other people. i’ve read about it…”

we spin into the sciences of the death: on ventilation, on spinal support…

“…pulmonary edema, and cardiovascular collapse.”

“yeap you’re right, that explains the water and the blood,” I gestured to another picture of the soldiers piercing Jesus’ side. “His legs were not broken, though, unlike the other criminals,” I gestured at yet another picture, “a special case. just as it was written in the Bible many, many years before He came.” (at this point, i was already amazed at how much of the gospel could be shared in a single museum visit).

“it’s a terrible way to die,”

“it really is. *sigh* one of the worst ways across all of human history.”

“did He know it was going to be like this before He came from heaven?”

“yeap, He did. He’s God; He knows everything! but He chose this way. He knew it, and He still chose it. *sigh* it must be love…”

“mmm, must be quite some love.”

many, many beautiful things are happening here, beyond what i can see and beyond what i used to think i did see. i too, like John, took my stand beneath the cross of Jesus today and saw something very, very different – the great wonder of His dying act of the cross, and how a precious soul of faith could be standing just right by my side.

use me, use me, use me, Lord;
i am willing, i am willing, i am willing 😊✨


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